There are several factors that could affect artworks negatively. An accident is the most common factor, temperature and humidity fluctuations could be another. Due to up-to-date scientific innovations, the art conservation field is equipped with newly developed materials and techniques that make conservation and restoration of mild or even severely damaged artworks possible and sustainable.

Science and technology alone are not sufficient to achieve satisfactory results. Conservation entails an astute craftsmanship and adequate knowledge of art history. A skilled restorer/conservator seeks to reduce interference yet to bring the piece closer to its original condition, in an effort to maximally keep the artist’s vision vibrant and the historic characteristics of an artifact alive.

Master art conservator/restorer is one who is trained (preferably worked under the guidance of master painters), knowledgeable in restoration techniques, historical facts, and esthetical values of artwork and artifact. Qualified conservator emphases on saving the artwork by restoration/cleaning process and preventing possible further discoloration or any other type of impairment.

At Bravado Fine Arts we employ skilled restorers for a wide variety of artworks and artifacts ranging from painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, multiple prints, works in paper, rugs, and other artifacts. While restoration is a meticulous process, requiring attention to detail, we ensure timely completion of the projects that we undertake with a guarantee of quality of service.

Bravado Art provides Conservation/Restoration Services for the following:

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