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Art Appraisal Services

Bravado Fine Art provides Focused & Fair Art Appraisals

Bravado Fine Arts provides personal property appraisals for modern and contemporary painting, sculpture, multiple prints and photography. We specialize in Iranian, Turkish and Armenian art, both modern and contemporary. Our partners are experts in antiques, Islamic art and Oriental rugs. We assess collections for replacement value for insurance purposes as well as provide fair-market value appraisals for purchase or sale, or for personal knowledge. All of our appraisals conform to USPAP standards.

Bravado Art’s appraisers possess in-depth and up to date knowledge of the art market and have extensive experience valuing works of art. In the process of determining the most accurate appraised value of any given work of art, Bravado not only reviews auction records but also consults with the art dealers and gallerists most familiar with the artists work.

What to expect when you contact Bravado Fine Arts for an appraisal:

We will come to you, inspect and photograph your artwork.  We will then conduct extensive research regarding the history and pertinent details to determine its value.  We will compose a comprehensive report designed specifically for the intended use of your appraisal.

Appraisal Fee Schedule:

  • Written personal property appraisal report $200 per hour
  • Verbal appraisal $275 flat rate fee (Up to 3 items)
  • IRS charitable contribution or estate tax report $2000

Art Appraisal Services:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Legal disputes
  • Damage and loss claims
  • Gift tax
  • Charitable contributions
  • Dissolution of marriage contract
  • Estate planning
  • Litigation support
  • Consultation
  • Purchase or sale
  • Personal knowledge
  • Loan Collateral
  • Equitable Distribution